ART4KIDS is a non-profit corporation committed to helping children in hospitals, clinics & those with safety and welfare needs process stress through art experience.

ART4KIDS needs your
monetary donations
Funds purchase ART PACKS for hospitals & art materials for out-patient clinics.

ART4KIDS needs your
new or used art materials
Your donated items are distributed to social programs serving children
with safety and welfare needs.

Photo: Lizzie, Miller Children's Hospital, Long Beach

Pam Schader
M.A., Artist, Art Educator, Founder and President, ART4KIDS, Incorporated

ART4KIDS, INC. Board of Directors:

Janet Inez Adams
M.F.A., Artist, Art Educator

Rhonda Ducote
Financial Manager

Jane Goldberg
Ph.d., M.F.T., R.E.A.T., C.E.T. Psychotherapist, Educator

John Hall
M.B.A., Business Executive, Artist

Patti Herdell
Business Owner

Harmon Kong
B.S., Certified Financial Planner

Benjamin Lau
B.A., Portfolio Manager

R. Zebulan Law
LL.M., CPA, Attorney at Law

Erich Schader
Artist, Poet

Rosemary Tesoro
M.F.A., Artist

Doug Thornburg
B.A., Computer Solution Architect

Elizabeth Thornburg
B.S., Graphic Artist
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